A quick and easy directory (Updated Nov 19)

I am a fiction writer first, but sometimes I have something to say that is nonfiction. Medium is more geared for nonfiction, so I thought I’d make a little directory for anyone interested in reading my thoughts and ideas on writing (mostly) and other topics. …

The diamonds in the quagmire

I don’t know what happened this month. Rants ran rampant, readership was down (my stats are worse than the first month I was here), and many people jumped ship. I’m convinced everyone who disappeared was too busy writing their next novel to worry about posting here. …

Becomes a mystery for future generations

Field Journal Entry 52
Location: Sector 7G
Reporting Agent: Jackson

It is my duty to report that at dawn, Expedition Team Red Fox awoke to discover Hawkins deceased. Cause of death: suicide. With his passing, I am assuming control of documenting the rest of the expedition into 7G. It has…

Teresa Grabs

Editor, writer, reader. I write short fiction and the occasional nonfiction piece. Ace & Enby. They/them. https://thewordcubby.com

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